Help Wanted!

I (Carl) will be heading to Uganda to work with an awesome ministry called ABIDE (Amagara Biblical Institute of Discipleship and Evangelism) in just under a month and I will be there for 7 months! I’m incredibly excited and would love prayer (you can read more about my journey at!

Because I’ll be overseas and very busy (discipleship is a full-time commitment, after all) I would love to have some help with Love Your Neighbors.

Due to my own busyness with school and preparing for this journey, I have slacked a lot with this ministry and I do regret that. However, I do not wish to dwell on the past and make the future suffer.

If you have any interest in helping (leadership, brainstorming, events, connecting with communities/families, design, marketing, etc.), please fill out an application and I’ll get back to you as soon as I see it!

Thank you for your prayers and I hope to hear from you!

Grace and Peace,

Better Communication

It has come to my attention that the way that I had been communicating with communities (though currently only  TIU) has not been incredibly effective.

If you would like to receive emails when there is a new family posted for your community or simply for updates on Love Your Neighbors, please fill out the form below!

I also hope to add a forum to this site soon to help with communication.

Grace and Peace,

Hey There!

I’m so glad you checked out our site! My name is Carl Chomko and I started LYN.

I spent quite a bit of time working on figuring out how to make LYN happen and got some input from some pretty awesome people, and now it’s here! There’s a lot coming.

Things to look forward to:

  • The first family for the Trinity International University – Deerfield Campus is going to be posted soon (only visible to members of the community)!
  • More Chapters (this one might take more time, but hopefully people will see this and want to start a chapter in their own community)!
  • An introduction video (hopefully with more people than just me in it)!
  • Merchandise (no ETA on this, I’ve been contacted by a Christian clothing company and hope something comes of that)!
  • HELPING PEOPLE (the most important part)!

Hopefully, I didn’t miss anything, but those are (at least) some of the main things!

Updates will be posted as they come. I just got back from a trip to Israel and am trying to beat jet-lag, but I want to get this thing off the ground and look forward to all the good that we can do! Feel free to contact me for the time being!

Grace and Peace,


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